Homemade Udon @ ABC Cooking Studio || Shu Yi

– June recipe-

18th June 2019 – I’m a big fan of noodles, and to know how to make them from scratch really sparked my interest.

Handmade Udon

I thought making Udon would be complicated, but it turned out to be quite straightforward with just 3 ingredients – flour, water and salt. After mixing the ingredients, we set aside the dough to rest.



The warabimochi was interesting too! It was my first time making mochi; cooking the white braken starch into semi transparent gel like texture, stirring it fast and pressing it to ensure it was cooked properly. Then quickly move it onto a pan covered with a layer of matcha powder and coat it with a layer of matcha powder on top. Set it aside for it to cool off.



Let’s make the “multiple layer” omelette~ crack 2 eggs into a bowl, add dashi soup and spring onions, beat it evenly. After heating the pan, add a little oil, pour in 1/3 mixture into the pan and fold it with chopsticks. Push the first folded layer to the end of the pan, and pour in half of the remaining mixture into the pan and do the same, same steps for the last fold. Just make sure to watch the heat, to prevent the egg from over cooked.


Chicken broth

The chicken broth was made up of chicken thigh and leek with Mirin and soy sauce. We removed the fats on the meat before cooking it. You can add in a dash of sake too. I would add in onions and mushroom perhaps~ just a thought 🤭

Back to the Udon, after the resting the dough, pour some flour onto the table, roll the dough into rectangular shape, fold it and sliced it thinly. After slicing, open up the dough into strips and put it into boiling water to cook. Once the udon is cooked, strain the hot water and run the noddles through cold water. Yay!!! The udon is ready~ Plate and serve!

My opinion

Overall, I love the omelette and noodles texture! It’s a thumbs up for the omelette~ It wasn’t hard to make the udon and I would make again in the future. The chicken broth is slightly salty for my taste, but I get it because it goes well with the udon when it is consumed together. The mochi is alright, nothing special actually, but definitely a good experience to know how it’s made and the amount of sugar is a lot to be honest.

Love instructor Hani, so friendly and knowledgeable. Hope to have her as my instructor again for my next class!

From, Shu Yi

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