The journey of THE BREAK as we continue to serve homemade Western food at Bandar Mahkota Cheras during this season of uncertainty. About us and beyond.

2021 August- It has been a roller coaster ride for THE BREAK RESTAURANT since we opened our doors in December 2020. We lived through our first lockdown during MCO2.0 on Jan 13th with not many regulars at that time, as we only operated for 3 weeks before the lockdown. A few weeks have passed, on Feb 14th, dine-in was allowed once again and we continued to build our business. As we thought the economy would improve, our country was hit by another rising wave of COVID-19 cases, it eventually led all economy sectors back into lockdown MCO3.0 on May 6th till Aug 20th. In addition, with our country’s political unrest, social lives readjusted and economic downturn, many lives have changed, overwhelmed… It is indeed a challenging time for many industry sectors, especially the Food & Beverage industry to adjust. There are just so many things happening around us, as a result, many have suffered and we are in the “same boat” as well. We see and hear rumours of shops around us shutting their businesses, and as a business owner, it saddens me to see such events. As we battle with COVID-19, we will have to live with it as we walk on this earth. (I am writing this part as a memory, as I live and look back in the future, I will forever be grateful that I am alive and well, even for the little things in life.)

Dear readers, remember, continue to adhere to SOPs (even if you are vaccinated) and never take things for granted, as prevention is always better than cure. Stay safe and be connected with your family and loved ones always~ We look forward serving you at The Break soon, very soon… Currently, we are not open for dine-in due to a few reasons. Firstly, the number of cases recorded in Selangor on MySejahtera and the new cases around us are fairly high. Secondly, we wish to hear from the new government on the dine-in SOPs. As of now, there are many grey areas and with the authorities doing random checks, we have decided to stay put and observe the next few days to save ourselves from headaches and digging deeper into our pockets. As we hope to open for dine-in as much as some do, we are standing ground for the safety of our customers and staffs, all it takes is one unfortunate case and there will be a ripple effect. We aim to open our doors for dine-in on Sept 1st, however we will keep a close watch and see if this is possible, based on the number of cases around us and should there be any revised SOPs for restaurants to follow.

On behalf of The Break, we would like to take this opportunity to THANK our regular customers who love our food and constantly supporting us during this season. We are grateful for you and we wish you blessings and good health! It brings us much joy to know that our customers love our food! For those who yet to know us and stumbled upon this blog, continue to read and hope to meet you at our humble place one day! A short introduction about us and a Youtube session on frequently asked questions attached below of this blog:  
  • WHAT IS THE BREAK? We are a pork-free Western restaurant located at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.
  • WHERE IS THE BREAK LOCATED? We are located next to ELK Kopitiam, opposite of Cafe HK Boy.


THE BREAK first opened the doors during the Christmas season of 2020 (you will be surprised~ we began the business by selling Christmas Roasted Turkey, haha…). In the midst of chaos and hopelessness due to the pandemic, we are here to provide a place for our customers to enjoy food made from scratch. We believe in homemade food such as sauces, soups and drinks too, bringing hope and nutritious food to the lives of the people we touched.

Photo: Best seller & Signature Grilled Chicken Chop (takeaway)

Delicious . Guiltless . Hearty

The Break is a pork-free establishment located in the heart of Bandar Mahkota Cheras. We are a neighbourhood restaurant born to serve the community of Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Bandar Sungai Long, Balakong, Kajang, Semenyih, Cheras, all who live around here and afar. We have customers as far as Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur visiting us too. A space not just for honest and homemade food, but also an alternative venue to host private functions and special menu dining experience.

Our core menu is meticulously curated with your health in mind. Dine at The Break because your health matters. Come and chill with us as being in a relaxing state lowers our stress level, and helps us cope with life better too! For special functions, just speak your mind and with a budget to work with, we are pleased to create your event here at The Break.


To provide homemade & affordable fresh food & drinks.

Quality Food . Affordable . Customer Satisfaction

Our menu- SIMPLICITY. We have a straightforward and simple menu which consists of soups, salads, mains, pastas, snacks and drinks. The sections includes chicken, fish, smoked duck, beef, lamb and vegetarian options too.


1. Our food and Homemade Soups and Sauces

Our food flavours are prepared using natural ingredients only~ No unnatural preservatives, no MSG, no chicken stock powder, no *BS and nothing in there we shouldn’t eat. Therefore, we do apologise if our food or soups ran out, because we make our them from scratch keeping them fresh. A place for people who appreciate whole foods, because we know eating out too often with unnatural food additives in our food causes damage to our health in the long run (>.<) So… thinking our food is blend, think again, because we only allow whole foods in our dishes.

2. Healthy Fats

We use palm oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and olive oil only, because it’s heat stable especially palm oil and coconut oil. We do not use hydrogenated oil because it can cause oxidation in our arteries which promotes inflammation and we don’t want that, so it’s definitely a big no no~ 

Not all fats are created equal. Monounsaturated fats can improve blood cholesterol level and decrease risk for cardiovascular disease. Foods such as nuts, olive oils, nut butters, avocados. Another type of fat is called Polyunsaturated fat which are known as essential fats because the body cannot make them and needs to get from our food sources. Plant-based foods and oils are the primary source of this! Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat, which is beneficial for our heart, food such as fatty fish, nuts and seeds. Healthy fats is important in our diet, eat them at ease, but also in moderation too, keep it balance guys~

3. Activated Nuts 

Partnering with Life House Wellness, we love the fact that our almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds served in our salads and pestos are activated! 

Wondering what’s activated nuts? It’s gone through a simple but long process of soaking them in Pink Himalayan Salt, and dehydrate them for 24 hours. Why doing so? This process will lower down the phytic acid in them, making them more bioavailable in nutrient absorption and great texture too! We gotta warn ya… it’s addictive on its own~

4. Alkaline Water

Our beverages such as Infused Water and homemade drinks are made with hydrogen rich water through the process of electrolysis. We believe in good quality food and drinking water, brings quality of life.

We invite you to relish your taste buds by some mouth-watering Western cuisine foods and amazing drinks.

5. Home brew Kombucha & Water Kefir

We are passionate about fermented foods and drinks. As we dive into the fascinating world of fermentation, we find Kombucha and Water Kefir very enjoyable to brew. We work with healthy bacteria to create interesting drinks for health drink lovers. Happy good bacteria, happy life! 


After much planning and R&D, we were more certain about our crazy little venture. The first dish which we labelled as our signature dish, is called Grilled Chicken Chop. Well~ we do believe that this will be the hottest item 🙂 And it turned out to be true! Although it may sound common, but our version isn’t that common~ Our Grilled Chicken Chop is unique because it is accompanied with cauliflower rice and French beans, topped with mushroom sauce. Looking for no refined carb meal? This dish is definitely for you! Simply nutritious!

Note: If this is too healthy (>_<)Not to worry~ You can opt for fries and coleslaw as sides instead.

*We don’t stop our customers from enjoying food, however… we do encourage eating well balanced meals which consist of good source of protein, healthy fats and plenty of greens!

Since we have opened our doors, here are our top items based on 8 months of operation since Dec 2020:


  • Best Seller Main: Grilled Chicken Chop (Served 903)
  • Popular Main: Fish & Chips (Served 540)
  • Popular Pasta: Smoked Salmon Mac & Cheese (Served 392)
  • Popular Soup: Creamy Mushroom Soup (Served 464)
  • Popular Salad: Smoked Duck & Orange Salad (Served 158)
  • Popular Snack: Breaded Mushroom & Aioli (Served 78)


  • Popular Homemade Drink: Lemonade (Served 281)
  • Popular Special-Tea: Zentuary (Served 145)
  • Popular Fermented Drink: Water Kefir (Served 67)
  • Popular Infused Water: Mint Cooler (Served 68)

The other food on our menu are well received too! Try them all and you will be surprised, your favourite might be among those.


From left to right: 1. Chili Con Carne & Black Angus Striploin | 2. Grilled Chicken Salad | 3. Spiced Pumpkin Soup | 4. Grilled Lamb Chop | 5. Signature Grilled Chicken Chop | 6. Chicken Pesto Linguine, Smoked Salmon Mac & Cheese, Creamy Smoked Duck Pasta | 7. Grilled Beef & Baby Spinach Salad | 8. Fish Pie | 9. Popular Fish & Chips.

From left to right: Infused Alkaline Water – Mint Cooler | 2. Infused Alkaline Water – Citrus Affair | 3. Orange Fizz | 4. Hot Chocolate | 5. Calamansi Juice (Kasturi Lime) | 6. Lemonade.


We are not limited to our food items on the menu, occasionally there will be seasonal items introduced to our customers.

The most popular seasonal item is the Seabass Fish & Chips and Pan Seared Seabass. The Seabass (fish) is wild-caught from Sabah sea waters and air-flown to us, therefore they are limited depending on the fishermen’s catch of the day.

As we work closely with our meat suppliers, from time to time they would recommend good premium beef cuts such as Tenderloin, Milk-fed bone-in Ribeye, etc. For beef lovers, you will be for a treat!

Don’t miss out and stay updated by following our social media, FB Page: The Break Mahkota Cheras Instagram: @thebreakmy



We love being prepared and making reservations will be a great help to us! We do recommend to plan ahead on what you would like to order, so we can set aside the dish for you to avoid disappointment. For reservations and enquiry, kindly contact us at +6012-2928851.


Our food are made from scratch and prepared with care, please allow us a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes prep time. However, kindly bear in mind that there might be a delay in serving time during peak hours. If you are rushing on that day, do pre-order in advance so we are ready to serve you upon arrival. GOOD FOOD TAKES TIME. We are called THE BREAK, Dine & Chill, so come and relax at our place.


We prefer cashless payment methods via e-wallets TnGo, GrabPay and QR Pay, bank transfers and cards such as Visa, Master, MyDebit, Amex. Having said this, we welcome cash payment too~ 

DELIVERY via GrabFood and AirAsia Food

Prefer staying home and food delivered to your doorstep? Fret not, we are partnering with Grab Food and AirAsia Food, so feel free to order your food there too! 



*subject to changes

Usual Dine-in Operating Hours: till May 8th 2021

Mondays – Sundays | 11am – 10pm (9:30pm last call)

Closed on Tuesdays (It’s our rest day)

MCO3.0 Operating Hours: from May 9th – Aug 31st 2021

Thursdays – Mondays | 11am – 8:15pm

Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays (Rest days)


The founders, Michael, David, and myself, are three like-minded graduates from Taylors University Lakeside Campus- School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Tourism. I’ve graduated with a degree in International Tourism (Events Management) and the two gentlemen graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. On top of that, we share a common working experience at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for an internship program under an MOU between the prestigious venue provider and the university. Soon after graduation, I continued as an event coordinator in KLCC, whereas, Michael and David worked at café, hotels, and restaurants respectively. A few years passed, and with the knowledge and work experiences we possessed, we came together during the lockdown MCO1.0 via zoom and planned this amazing venture of ours. The rest is history, and looking forward to more exciting plans to come in the future~

Drop by if ever you’re in the mood for something light like a delicious salad or something heavier like our signature Grilled Chicken Chop. I assure you, eating at The Break is a new experience each and every time.


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