Shu Yi’s Creative Space

ShuYi’s CreativeSpace is a personal Facebook page created to connect with people and to promote creativity.

As the owner of ShuYi’s CreativeSpace page on Facebook. It is a space where I share and upload VIDEOS/ VLOGS I have created and also share things I love too! For more details, you can #shuyiscreativespace and #monolidgirlshuyi and follow the page for my latest updates.

My videos and vlogs will be centred around:

  1. WELLNESS. As a certified CULINARY NUTRITIONIST, will share about interesting food places, food related stuff like activated nuts (Life House Wellness), kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, fermented foods~
  2. EVENTS. Setting up cooking classes, promote healthy foods/ live cooking classes at corporate companies.
  3. BEAUTY. I love to explore make-up stuff… and to transform my own monolid eyes to double-lid eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my eyes and confident going out with naked make-up / with no make-up at all~ I just find my make-up technique is “lighter” when I put on double-lids. Besides, seeing a client with make-up on, is a way of me respecting them and being presentable at the same time.
  4. TRAVEL. Lai lai… (Come come) who does not like to travel? At this time and age, it seems like this generation rather use some of our savings for traveling than just keeping our money in the bank. I love to travel learning other country’s culture, trying their food and meeting new people. Trust me, I even tried bizarre food/ delicacy such as Balut (duck embryo) in Philippines and Butod (sago worm) in Sabah. So exciting… haha >_<
  5. GROOMING. I am honoured to be noticed by former beauty queen, Maggie Loo as she took me under her wings to be trained and groom to be one of her model/ apprentice/ trainer. I have learnt a lot from her, even as simple as walking and seating is important in terms of first impression. At the same time, I got to know myself better and mold my personality too 🙂

Creativity is unlimited and it is free! I hope I can use this platform to share interesting stuff through videography and photos~

Food nutrition, events management and grooming… In summary, if you think of beauty from the inside out/ beauty from the outside in, think of MonolidGirl Shu Yi or Life House Wellness.


Best regards,

Shu Yi

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