Movement Restriction Day 1 – Start of a new season

2020.03.17 Malaysia – My friends and I were on our way to Penang when we heard about Malaysia’s Movement Restriction might be kicking in soon, our 3 days 2 night trip became a 2 days trip instead. On Tues, 17th Mar 2020, we have decided to head back to KL and we managed to reach back at 5pm, before the police implemented strict traveling restriction from states to states.

It was indeed a good decision we made to come back before total movement restriction was implemented (if not, we might need to stay in Penang for a very long time… hahaha), also this will be the first ever #stayhome, movement restricted ever in my life, for the most part- extrovert in me! Not knowing how it will turn out, not knowing how sane I will be at the end of 14 days restricted movement. Not sure how it will be like out there then… I could imagine no traffic and clear skies. I was not prepared either, I did not stock much at home, not like how some videos or photos I saw on social media (it seemed so surreal), as if the world has gone mad.

As I began to see the true nature of people, I start to wonder if I was too calm or I am unaware of how serious this situation is getting. Having an “unseen enemy” lurking nearby, and the best way to prevent was to avoid having contact with people, wash hands consistently, practice the highest form of personal hygiene and staying home.

Many things were in my mind, things like:

  1. As a business owner, how will I make sure staffs are paid? How long can the company survive with not much income for… (not sure how long this will last)
  2. As a daughter, how to take care of my parents so that they will not be exposed, well fed and not be bored. Or to have conflict with them during the quarantine period… (all children’s worst nightmare I think…)
  3. As for myself…. what I am supposed to do during this time? (I want to do many things, for instance vlog daily, refocus on my business, catch up on my sleep, catch up on things I like to do which I had no time doing, upgrade my knowledge in nutrition, building my social media platform and so many more…) What’s best, I was introduced to TikTok… hahaha…

Uncertainty, unimaginable, unsure how it will be like, but~ we will get through this tough times together!

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