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Life House Wellness was born with a vision to inspire, empower and transform people through Wellness & Events (business opportunities). This blog is created to bring Life House Wellness to life among the community. Life House Wellness will be positioned to touch lives and be a unique company that promotes creativity through food nutrition, events, health and beauty. I have never thought of blogging before, but it is interesting that we can write about our opinions, events and document it to share interesting stories. And so, the idea of creating this blog to share the journey of Life House Wellness and those who are involved.

Just to share a little bit of myself- the creator of Life House Wellness… My name is Shu Yi and I graduated from Taylor’s University with a Bachelor of International Tourism (Events Management). I was formerly a member of the Student Council, the President of Events Club and also the President of Volleyball club during 2013 – 2014.

I am also the owner of ShuYi’s CreativeSpace page on Facebook.

So, what is ShuYi’s CreativeSpace page? It is a space where I share and upload VIDEOS / VLOGS I have created and also share things I love too! For more details, you can follow the page here ShuYi’s CreativeSpace  and receive my latest vlog updates!

My latest venture is in the area of WELLNESS. As a certified CULINARY NUTRITIONIST, I am interested to know more about how whole foods can fuel our bodies. I will use this platform to share interesting food places, basically food related stuff like activated nuts (Life House Wellness), kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, fermented foods~

I love EVENTS. Events have always been part of me since primary school days. I was involved with story-telling, plays, out-going activities, charity events, seminars, conventions, dinners and camps. I am sure friends who know me knows it too! 🙂 I do not limit myself just being interested in wellness, with a degree in Events Management, I am able to extend services such as setting up cooking classes or promote healthy foods/ live cooking classes to corporate companies too!

I love pretty and colorful things. From arts, fashion, make-up, skin care to creative arts. I guess is a girl’s thing~ hehe… I am honoured to be noticed by former beauty queen, Maggie Loo as she took me under her wings to be trained and groom to be one of her model/ apprentice/ trainer. I have learnt a lot from her, even as simple as walking and seating is important in terms of first impression and elegance. (I don’t think I am quite there yet in terms of elegance la…haha)

I love people. Many times people are complicated, but when we see the best in them, awesome things can be created with a room of creative and passionate people!

Creativity is unlimited and it is free! Let’s get together and create something interesting.

Food nutrition, events management and grooming… In summary, if you think of beauty from the inside out/ beauty from the outside in, think of MonolidGirl Shu Yi or Life House Wellness.

Our life is like a movie, you are the director, the producer and the main actor/actress.

Dare to dream!

Hard work will provide a good future, and work smart will provide you a sustainable future!

You only live once and there is no reset button once time has passed. However, it is not the end; you can still make a difference as long as you are alive!

– by MonolidGirl Shu Yi

Times are changing, technologies are progressing fast, and we must always look forward to life and keep learning. Businesses are evolving and we look forward to a work life balance lifestyle too.

It is important to adapt to our culture and trend. I believe that personalised services, wellness, beauty and health will be the next big trend!

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Shu Yi  xoxo