ABC Cooking Studio – Chinese Tea Affair @ The Gardens || Shu Yi

2019.05.17 – World Cuisine: This is one of the cuisines which I am really interested in as I will get to make bao, zong zi (Chinese dumpling) and douhua. 

I’ve started by preparing the dessert- DouHua and let it set in the chiller. After that, I was off to prep the other ingredients. There were a lot of chopping involved in this recipe and kneading the dough was fun, however making the fold on the top of the bao was challenging. I just wanted the folding to be a success, so that the appearance of the bao was evenly folded. 

As for the Zong zi, I’ve learned the steaming method (not the traditional dipping-into-the-water method), due to the short 2 hours of cooking we have.

The chicken salad wasn’t hard to prepare and the sauce was yummy!

I would recommend anyone to try out this recipe, it is challenging however preparing this is possible.



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