Crown of My Heart @ ABC Cooking Studio || Shu Yi

Venue: ABC Cooking Studio, The Gardens

12th May 2019 – May recipe – Trial baking lesson – In conjunction with Mother’s Day, ABC cooking studio came up with a tiramisu cake recipe called “Crown of My Heart”.

For this lesson, I’ve extended the invitation to my uni bestie, Pui Kuan to bake together for our awesome mothers. We were really excited to celebrate with our moms that very night with our handmade cakes JAlthough it was a Sunday, both of us were privileged to have the station and instructor to ourselves.

With the recipe and guide of the instructor, we found it was easy to follow the steps. It was fun, especially making the cream. We found that the hardest step was the cake molding part, which we stacked the sponge cake followed by cream and repeat it 3 times. We need to ensure that the sponge layer has no “holes” on the side to prevent cream falling through.

Whipping the mascarpone cream was fun! We get to taste it as we were making it~ haha…

If you baked a cake with the tough plastic mould (like this cake), my advice is to use a scissors to cut when you are about to eat it, if not… you might either spoil the cake or make a mess.

Always fascinated to see the final product… because it looks pretty like a cake bought from the store. And what’s the best thing today? Glad I managed to bake for my mom~ I am ready to bring these baby hearts back to meet the Queen of my heart- Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

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