Valentine’s Dinner Set Menu @ Las Carretas Bukit Damansara|| Shu Yi

1st February 2019 – I was thrilled to video the process of the Valentines Set Dinner Menu at Las Carretas, Damansara. The menu of RM99.90++ per pax includes salad, soup, main course (with a choice of beef or fish), dessert and coffee or tea. Here is the menu for the up-coming 14th February 2019:


Love at First Sight: St Valentine Salad

It has shrimps, black mussel, fish fillet and squid rings in there and the taste is light and yummy! At first sight, I thought it was fruits and vegetable salad. I asked the chef about the ingredients of the food and he explained to me those were seafood, and it surprised me~


Love Portion No9: Cream of freshly made mushroom soup

The truffle oil just makes everything taste and smell sooooo good. It is valuable and nutritious, having this ingredient in the soup brings out the mushroom flavour. The dish taste good to me.


Adam & Eve:

Charboiled Medallion of Aged-Grass Fed Sirlion

I love beef. In my opinion, their beef was well prepared, it was not overcooked and it was tender. The sautéed vegetables compliment the dish well. I do hope they will provide more sauce for this dish, as I requested more sauce when I was half way through the dish. Overall, if you ask me, I prefer beef at this moment (it depends on what meat I am craving for that day~).


Baked Norwegian Salmon

I love how the chef scoop the mash potato and plates it, topping it with their homemade smoothered button mushroom sauce. Oh, so yummy… The fish was juicy and not dry.

Love is in the Air: Chocolate ganache with vanilla ice cream

How can we call it Valentine’s Day without desserts? I was fascinated that they bake their own cake to ensure that their customers enjoy all the delicious food prepared by them. The chocolate ganache was delicious, topping it with vanilla ice cream with a bed of nuts made it even more yummy!


Looking for a place to have dinner and chill at the same time, I would recommend Las Carretas, Bukit Damansara. So what are you waiting for? To make reservation for Valentine’s Day, you can contact them via phone ( 03-2093 0380) or Instagram page at .


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