Festival Dishes with 5 types of Kushikatsu @ ABC Cooking Studio || Shu Yi

Festival Dishes with 5 types of Kushikatsu – Best selection 2019 (Jan)

Venue: ABC Cooking Studio, The Gardens

Prep and cooking time: 2 hours


17th Jan 2019 – This was my first cooking lesson as a member. I thought to myself, it could be quite intense for being the only student during this lesson because I had to prepare everything by myself without teammates to share the work load with~ I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited at the same time.


5 types of Kushikatsu

We started by preparing the batter and avocado tartar. Next step was skewing the perilla cheese meat stick, prawn stick, fish cake stick, sesame lotus stick and asparagus stick. We then set aside (frying was the last step).

Meatball Clear Soup

The dish will take some time as we need to make sure the fish cake and minced meat is cooked. Mix the fish cake, minced meat and marination together and portion into 4 balls. Once prepared, cook the water and white dashi in a pot and portion into 4 bowls. For finishing touches, decorate with mitsuba.



For the maki, we used tuna and salmon, omelette and cucumber. I would say this was the most challenging part for me as it took me quite some time to roll the rice with the seaweed. I just couldn’t get use to the “rolling” of the rice, I was very close to destroying the seaweed haha… I am thankful towards my instructor for helping me, so I don’t mess up~

Matcha Blackbean Waffle

I must say the matcha custard cream was really yummy. After the matcha cream was prepared, the next step was to prepare the waffle. After the cream and waffle was done, you can opt to decorate it with sweetened black bean or not.


Overall, I think the dish was not hard to prepare. I was pleased of the presentation and taste of the dish I made… not to brag about how good it turned out, but I was really happy to be able to prepare the meal with success. And the best one I love among the Kushikatsu was the fried fish cake 🙂

Here to more cooking classes to come…….


*Menu is by ABC Cooking Studio


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