ABC Cooking Studio Trial Class Experience || Shu Yi

15th Jan 2019 – I was invited by my cousin to the baking trial class. It was my first time attending a baking session. Honestly, I don’t like baking, but I do like to eat desserts and cakes, hehe… I didn’t imagine I would bake a cake, and I must say the process was easy and simple to understand. For January’s baking trial, it is called The Green Princess- Matcha cake.

Here are some of the photos I managed to take during the process 🙂 Sorry guys, couldn’t take some of the highlights as I am not allowed to take any videos during the baking, however I managed to take an overview video before and after instead~

Why did I decide to attend? It is because I love Japan! For someone who have been to Japan 4 times, I am always fascinated by Japanese food~ When I know this studio is setup by a Japanese company, their cooking and baking methods are mostly Japanese inspired, it was a straight Yes for me~ The experience was good that I’ve decided to sign up for their Cooking classes. I was given a “passport” to visit their branches overseas for free lessons.  Overall, it was fun and interesting. If you ask me would I bake again? I would say Yes! Here is their website to find out more about ABC Cooking Studio

After the baking session, we stopped by Krispy Wing Chicken for a bite before heading home and the taste was good 🙂

Vlog below:

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