Japanese Hospitality with Colourful Temarizushi @ ABC Cooking Studio || Shu Yi

Japanese Hospitality with Colourful Temarizushi – Best selection (Jul)

Venue: ABC Cooking Studio, The Gardens

Prep and cooking time: 2 hours

25th Jul 2019 – I was happy to team up with a mother and son for this lesson. We had so much fun learning and helping each other to complete the dish together.



Strawberry Blancmange

We started with dessert as it will need some time to set in the fridge. Here is a very fast preparation for dessert, all you need is milk, sugar, gelatin, some water and whipping cream. Once placed in a cup, put into the chiller to set. And set aside the strawberry cubes with sugar for the jam and sliced strawberry for deco and topping during plating later.

5 types of Temarizushi

The 5 types consist of shrimp, egg, salmon, lotus root with cod roe and grilled beef.  I think it was fun making the rice into rice balls. I like the idea of placing cling wrap on the table, add the cooked rice on top and make them into a ball. This idea made less mess and the rice was not wasted sticking on my hands. Among the different types, my favourite was the grilled beef, followed by salmon, lotus root with cod roe, egg and shrimp.


Tsutsumi-yaki (wrap and bake) White Fish with Japanese Style Sauce and Tomato

Firstly, we boiled the bamboo shoot to remove the pungent smell and taste. We place the vegetables and cod fish in a baking sheet after marinating it with mirin. Set it in the oven for 10mins at 230c. While waiting for the dish to be ready, we prepared the cherry tomato and ponzu sauce.


Chicken and Kailan Mizore Soup

Now is time to prepare the soup, grate the radish and drain as much moisture, only some moisture remains. After that, prepare the pot add water, bonito dashi powder and mirin. Remove the fat from the chicken and cut into cube size, add the chicken into the boiling pot, followed by the vegetable and radish. After cooking, move the soup into a bowl, season with light soy sauce and salt, and finally sprinkle with bonito flakes on top!


In my opinion, this was the most beautiful and challenging menu I’ve encountered throughout the cooking lessons. There were many items to prepare and I can’t image preparing them all by myself, however, I would really love to find out doing so too. I am glad that the final outcome of this dish was a success and my tummy was really happy after that.


*Menu by ABC Cooking Studio

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