Beauty and the Feast Cooking Demo||Shu Yi

12th Jan 2019 – It was a great experience attending a cooking demo session called Beauty and the Feast organized by BHB featuring Davina who is a vegan advocate. Here we learnt about the benefits of being a vegan and witnessed 2 recipes too.

Davina has a great personality and she lights up the whole atmosphere, she shared 2 of her vegan recipes which are Nut Pate and Broccoli Pesto. After each cooking demo, the audience had the chance to taste and give our feedbacks.

In short, Vegan is a plant-based diet with no animal products at all from consumption to wearing that includes no honey, leather, silk.

Well, I am not turning into a Vegan because I attended the event. Haha… Just wanted to know more and also to know if a partial vegetarian diet or vegan diet would be good for my health. Any diet is good but it might not suit everyone (do find out which diet suits your own body). One thing I noticed and like most about this event (other than the knowledge) is that the environment is comfortable and layback. The event space is called Eats, Shoots & Roots.

To complete the event on a high note, Chee Ling who is a dietitian shared about Healthy Fats and how good fats make us beautiful and healthy.

Overall the event was great, the flow of the event was good, crowd engagement was wonderful too. Looking forward to more events such as this.


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