Fitlicious @ SS15 || Shu Yi

2019.6.26 – FITLICIOUS

Venue: SS15, Subang Jaya

Time: 24 hours Food delivery (really??)

Capacity: 24pax indoors, 8pax outdoors

Started on: 18th March 2019 (3 months old)

Ordered by 1:18pm, food arrived by 1:28pm.


Hot & Spicy Chicken Mince Bowl (RM17.80)

  • The taste was clean
  • Presentation was alright, nothing very special
  • The minced chicken was super spicy. I love spice… but I think is way too spicy for me. I think spicy is a sensation, but if it’s too spicy it will hurt our stomach… so… I hope not to eat too spicy dish to avoid upsetting my stomach. 
  • The mash sweet potato was bland, it was fibrous too (I think it’s because it wasn’t blend well enough), I felt it wasn’t marinated, or the chefs have a low-salt concept, maybe… hmm…
  • As for the side vegetables, I was entitled to choose 3 sides which I chose sweet potato, broccoli and carrot. They taste plain (boiled). According to the above set, it comes with a hard-boiled egg, but… if you look at the photo, they forgot about the egg (T.T)
  • Sauce and herbs selection was not included in this set, alright.. I get it, the emphasis is on the hot and spicy minced chicken, not making it complicated.
  • I have included an add-on which was the Avocado (RM2.80), I find it expensive for a slice of avocado, to be honest…
  1. Overall taste: 5/10
  2. Price: RM17.80
  3. Add on: Avocado (RM2.80). Just one slice… it is expensive!
  4. If you asked would I recommend this dish? No. Although it is clean, the portion was not big, bland and expensive. 


Red Chili: 

  • Capsaicin: Main compound responsible for its pungent hot taste. 
  • Capsanthin: The main carotenoid in red chilli (50% of carotenoids), fat-soluble red pigment, a powerful antioxidant which believes to help in fighting cancer, anti-tumor and possible potent inhibitory effect on colon carcinogenesis.
  • Chili does have its vitamins and minerals but we normally take in small amounts, which does not contribute a lot to our daily micronutrient intake.



This was one of their recommended dish between their POKE PRAWN.  

  • I love onions, especially when they are cooked. So awesome to taste their natural sweet flavour. 
  • The salmon was overcooked and bland tho~ It tasted like it was just boiled, maybe pan-sear would be nice, and the portion was small.
  • Their sauce… It tasted like the Kewpie brand sauce, I hope I am wrong… because making your own sauce is important when it is a healthy restaurant or cafe. To me, store-bought sauces are generally high in sodium, sugar and trans fat (it is good to know your food and read the labels~) 
  • Other side vegetables were the purple cabbage, Japanese cucumber, hard-boiled egg and lettuce. 
  1. Overall taste: 5/10
  2. Price: RM19.80
  3. Will I recommend this dish? No, the salmon was overcooked, the portion was small and pricey.



  • Know the source of the salmon. Wild salmon contains more long-chain omega-3 fatty at 2.6g compared to farmed salmon at 2.3g.
  • Protein: helps body heals from injury, maintain muscle mass, protects bone health (per 100g serving, provides 22-25g of protein).
  • Ladies, this is a good comfort food when it comes to the week of the month. Good source of omega-3 and anti-inflammatory food. 

*Note: I hope my honest comments does not offend anyone, but a sharing from my heart to yours. The above are based on my opinions. I don’t dictate what you should do, because we all have free will to try and experience it ourselves.



Venue: SS15, Subang Jaya

Time: 24 hours Food delivery (really??)

Contact: 011-6492 9889

Online orders:

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