Beauty Pageant 2019 – Ms & Mrs Malaysia Planet and Mrs Malaysia Petite World || Shu Yi

12th Jan 2019 – This was my second time attending a beauty pageant event which was held at Royale Chulan Hotel Damansara Mutiara. This event had a very long title… it is called Miss & Mrs Malaysia Planet and Mrs Malaysia Petite World 2019. They had 3 different categories, just in case you are wondering, yup… there will be three champions respectively at the end of the event.


I would say this event’s talents were interesting, congratulations to all the ladies who showcased their talents, I could tell they have placed a lot of effort in it.

Not to forget about photography, since I have dressed up for the occasion… haha… The lobby has many spots as potential photo-taking backgrounds, and I took the opportunity going around to get some good shots with the help of beautiful Grace Lim.


Well done, to all who competed. Congratulations to all the winners of the pageant~ The event ended quite late (around midnight) and you know what was coming… more photos after the event.

A special thanks to my grooming mentor and former beauty queen, Maggie Loo who invited me for this event. She was one of the judges for this pageant. Oh~ she was given a nickname too, called “The Queen of Catwalk”. Her elegant aura and poses always captivate our hearts 🙂

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