Health & Fitness Day 2018 @ Menara Maxis, KL || Shu Yi

18th Sept 2018 – As a member of the association of Nutritional Medicine Practitioners Malaysia, I am delighted to be invited as a guest speaker to share on the topic Nutrition and Healthy Habits at the Corporate Gym, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur.


For the topic summary, there are 3 main points- Digestive system, Good Fats and Sleep.

It is important to understand why we eat and what we eat will affect our body. In my opinion, healthy habits shape our lifestyle. If we are able to understand how our body works will benefits us greatly. With that in mind, nutrition knowledge will help us to be more aware and be conscious about what we eat to live a fulfilling life.

Everyone is unique and there is not one answer which fits all of us.

However, the underlying principles or facts are guidelines for us to follow in order to keep our body in check. Our body is smart, it constantly finds balance, however if we keep taking advantage by eating poor nutritional food, our body will not be able to absorb nutrients and this will affect our mood and hormones. For example, when consume sugar, it spikes sugar level (insulin will be produced to balance the sugar level). If consume too much sugar all the time, too much insulin will be produced and soon our body will become insulin resistance. When the body is thrown off balance for a period of time, our body will be a possible nesting ground for bacteria, virus or any unwanted organism growing in our body leading to chronic diseases. If we do not sleep enough and constantly being in stressful state, we might experience body aches, pain, discomfort etc.


Remember the principles of how the body works, don’t go off too far from the guidelines, eat different kinds of nutritious food for nutrients. Eat in moderation~ you will be fine 🙂

I was glad to be given the opportunity to share nutritional knowledge and the chance to meet different individuals during the session. Thank you 2ndrunner-up Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018, Ammetta Malhotra for the invitation. Looking forward to more corporate sharing in the future.


Too shocked to receive such a bigggg hamper after the event


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