First Project 2019: Declutter My Kitchen – Segregate, Recycle, Dispose || Shu Yi

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Cheers to the New Year… and good luck (to myself) for starting this year with a big decision- decluttering my kitchen. I have just graduated as a culinary nutritionist, and the kitchen is my healing space, therefore, keeping it neat, clean and minimal is something I really want to do this year.

Here is something true about myself, it was the least priority to declutter my things previously, because I always felt my things are forever there and too many… buying and throwing things at the same time, did not make much of a difference; it does get on my nerves at times, especially when I want more space and less things around me. For 2019, things need to change, and this is my first task on my to-do list this year and this month- DECLUTTER.

If you do not know how to start or where to start from. I know decluttering sounds simple, but it took me a while to get this going~ Here are some tips or steps you can refer:

  1. Get Your Tools Ready
  • Storage boxes
  • Dishwasher solution
  • Cloths and sponges
  • Big and medium disposable bags

With these in hand, it made my task much lighter and easier. Especially storage boxes where you can throw all the things into it, and segregate them later.

  1. Clear Your Dish Drainer Area

Store your dry utensils to where it belongs, and keep them there for now. This is to clear the dish washing area or the basin area in order to be more effective for cleaning later on.

  1. Clear Your Wash Basin Area

If there are any utensils need to be washed, wash them. Only dish washing solution, cloth and sponge are allowed in that area.

  1. Unhealthy Products

This is my personal preference, as I am conscious on what goes into my mouth and tummy. I believe good food fuels the body, gives us sustainable health for a fulfilling life. Go through your fridge and shelves, look for any products which turns you off and throw them away. (Pour them away if its liquid. Dispose them in a perishable waste bag if it is solid.) I have disposed wheat, high sugar and processed products.


  1. Expired Products

Go through all your food products and find out the expiry date. You can segregate the ones which are expiring this year in front, where you can reach first. Discard those which are expired, you will not want to put any poor nutrition food into your body, even if is oil or healthy foods. You can go through your supplements too.

It is always advisable to consume fresh produces from the market, only buy fresh produces when you want to prepare that day or the next day, avoid keeping fresh food for more than 3 days. (Pour away the expired products if its liquid. Dispose them in a perishable waste bag if it is solid.)


  1. Recycle

Some products are stored in glassware, tins or plastic containers, some comes with paper bags or cardboard packaging. After disposing any products, segregate the packaging. To make more space, make sure to “dismantle” paper or cardboard boxes by making it flat. To make it lighter, dispose the contents of the products into the perishable waste bag (away from the recyclable items). Wash the packaging if it had stored liquid products.


  1. Store and Keep the Wanted Goods

Choose a place to keep the goods, remember convenience is the key. It is better if you can see them, so that you will know where to find them and to avoid wastage.

  1. Reorganize Utensils, Cutlery, Pots and Pans and Kitchen Equipment

Keep those you need, and donate those you don’t need. Those who cooks a lot will always have their favorite tools, we don’t need too many to keep us happy. If you are a family of 4, you don’t need a lot of utensils either. If house gathering is your thing, keep around 12 pieces of each is really good enough.



Setting aside 2 days doing this really worked for me. I feel fresh and really happy to see my neat kitchen welcoming me every morning. I believe with a good head start in the morning, gives me a clear mind and good vibes! Declutter to make room for more adventures in the kitchen throughout the year!

#Tips: Clear and wipe: 1) from top to bottom, 2) from the outside (top) to inside (bottom/ shelf), 3) from big to small utensils, pots and pans, 4) lastly is to clean the floor

Perhaps I should start a declutter series… haha…