New Hairstyle 2017 @ Shaun Cutler Bangsar || Shu Yi’s review

It’s nice to welcome the new year with a new hairstyle! I’ve decided to go with color 812 which is ash brown, with a slight tint of purple.

As I had blue balayage previously, I have made the decision to cut the unhealthy hair ends and color my hair without bleaching. I have never dyed any light brown tone as I am always worried lighter brown does not suit me. However, I placed my trust in my hairstylist- Jackham and his team to do the “magic”.

The color turned out nice and my hair became more “alive” after the Kerastase color treatment~ 😍😍😍

Thanks Jackham and Jason for the hair do and Miya for the manicure and pedicure!  😘


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