New Chapter by Owl Cafe @ Bukit Jalil || Shu Yi’s review

In search for a nice cafe in Bukit Jalil, their Tau Fu Fa Cheesecake left a very strong impression when I first came across this cake 2 months ago, and just last week, I have decided to meet up with my Pudu Rotary and Rotaract friends to discuss about our up-coming SPOOKTACULAR 2016 Halloween event which will be held on 22nd October 2016.

We had a good time finalizing our program, decorations and setup preparations. Indeed event planning takes more time in order to ensure smooth delivery during the actual event.

Looking forward to that awesome event and YES, I like the dessert and fries with cheese as well 🙂 (not very healthy, but okay~ just once in awhile.. hehe)

Recommendations (good place for tea and desserts):

Tau fu fa cheesecake, their desserts are good, their waffles are awesome too!

Bon appetite!

Xoxo, Shu Yi

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