Red Kettle @ Taman Desa | Shu Yi’s review

29.10.2015 – 1Gen Concert Committee Appreciation Dinner was held at Red Kettle Restaurant, Taman Desa. This restaurant make their own cake and bread too, and they are planning to improve and renovation a new section so that they can serve a larger crowd, stay tuned it is in progress…

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The food was superb! The most amazing part is that the pork sausages are homemade and it is very fresh.

And so the food we ordered are revealed below:

Cajun Prawn Pork Burger (RM22) NEW!

Description: Pan fried cajun prawns on chargrilled handmade pork patty topped with homemade bacon, cheddar cheese, mustard honey dressing, tomato salsa and fries.

Thumbs up for this NEW dish on the menu!

Signature Pork Chop (RM16)

Description: Pork loin marinated for 12hours; pan-fried traditionally, topped with buttered green peas, hand-cut seared potato wedges and homestyle gravy.

The tender meat would make you crave for more~

Chargrilled Meatball Sandwich (RM17)

Description: Freshly baked baguette with chargrilled lemongrass scented pork meatballs with pickled vegetables fresh herbs, chili mayo & salad *add RM3 for additional fries

Love the generosity amount of food for this dish~ you will be very full after the last bite of it~

BBQ Lamb Chop N Rice (RM22)

Description: BBQ lemongrass-lime flavoured lamb shoulder with fried egg, steamed rice, pickled root vegetables & spicy chili dip.

A fusion dish between western and asian flavour.

Sausage N Mash (RM21)

Description: Homemade pork sausages with mashed potatoes, buttered green peas and homestyle gravy.

My favourite dish!! This is the best pork sausages I have tasted so far! It is so juicy that I actually went back the second time for this!

Pork Ribs (RM39) MUST TRY!

Description: Succulent grilled pork ribs in bumbu, served with buttered grilled corn, roasted garlic, lime, green chilli dip and tomato relish

If you are a fan of pork and corn, you must try this dish!

Cheese Cake

*All dine-in F&B are subjected to 10% service charge, GST applicable

Where to find them? Check out below:

  • Mains: 12pm onwards
  • Breakfast: Saturday 9am-11:45am

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