Nu Skin Indonesia

It was in July 2015, I have made my decision to attend the Success Olympic, Indonesia with OTG Malaysia team. And so, we flew in on 17th September 2015.

As we got off the cab at City Plaza, we walked into the building searching for the lift. Once we got into the lift, pressed the 10th floor, and while we was waiting to get off on the 10th floor, a stranger softly asked me if I was a Blue Diamond member, and my heart was like… wow~ and as I lost for words to reply the stranger, I saw the eyes of an admirer, so full of hope and excitement meeting a Nu Skin superstar (that was what she thought). In that split second, in my mind was asking, me? And it struck me, can I be one? Feeling like a celebrity for that one second, and I said “no, you have mistaken, I am from Malaysia, but it is in progress~ I will be one some day.” And I told myself that day, not could be but… I will be a Blue Diamond~

When the lift opened on the 10th floor, I was so excited like a child at a candy shop~ The place was simply beautiful!!

It has a lounge and waiting area, followed by a big automated glass entrance as the office entrance on the right. And there is a huge Nu Skin logo in front of the entrance welcoming us into the shinny white tiled office. On the left is the seating area with mirror for distributors to use as demo area. On the right side is the discussion area facing the view of the city. The middle section has the Europe cruise vision board and product display area. At the end of the hall way is the order counters and pick-up counters.

Check out the sneak peek below:

IMG_5073 IMG_5077IMG_5078 P1000061P1000024  P1000015 P1000016 P1000017 P1000019 P1000043

Highly recommend to visit the beautiful Nu Skin Indonesia!

Address of Nu Skin Indonesia, Jakarta:

Area Gd. City Plaza 10th Floor , Suite 1001-1002 

Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto No. 44 Kuningan Barat

Mampang Prapatan Jakarta Selatan

DKI Jakarta, Indonesia 12710
Telepon: 021 300 300 10
Faks: 021 300 300 03

More pictures of the trip is published on my personal account Facebook~

FYI… The featured image is selected and featured by the company before~ hehe…

ShuYi (xoxo)

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