ageLOC Me || Shu Yi’s Review

It is exciting to own a set! and if do, congratulations! You now have your own customized skin care~ I love the texture of the serum and moisturizer, can’t wait for the next month’s order with fragrance.

The ageLOC Me Starter Kit consists of the following:

1. ageLOC Me
2. One day moisturizer
3. One night moisturizer
4. Three serums
5. Serum cartridge holder
6. Device connector
7. ageLOC Me user’s manual
8. Getting started guide
9. Four alkaline batteries
* Make sure to only use good quality lithium or alkaline batteries in your ageLOC Me

* The contents subject to changes depending on the discretion of the company
* Terms and Conditions apply

Step1: The first kit, you will find your Calibration Set, as the initial set of ageLOC Me products. Use the products at least for two weeks to experience how they feel and how they benefit your skin. Then, use them as a reference when you take your ageLOC Me skin assessment to further customize your regimen.

Step2:With ageLOC Me assessment helps you determine your skin care needs through a series of questions concerning your environment, region, individual skin attributes, personal aging concerns, and preference for light or heavy moisturizer feel too. At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive your personal skin care code.

Step3: Order your custom product set with your personal skin care code. As soon as your Calibration Set cartridges are empty, you can start using your custom product set right away. Like the Calibration Set, your customized set contains a one-month supply of three serums, a day and a night moisturizer. The powerful ageLOC Me serums and moisturizers are Nu Skin’s most sophisticated anti-aging skin care formulations to date.

Step4: Retake the ageLOC Me assessment as many times as you like! You may find just the right skin care for the tropical climate now and then want to reconfigure when you travel overseas during winter. There’s no limit to how many times you can take the ageLOC Me assessment.

For more enquiry, kindly email, as a distributor, will assist as much as possible.

Wondering how to setup the device? Watch the following video~


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