Rotary ClubRunner Tutorial

IMG_7860[1]20.11.2015 – Learning about the Rotary ClubRunner website from the President himself~ The website is up and running for almost 2 years now, however, not many are using the website to its full potential for information yet. The more I learn about the website, I could see the potential of this database and information stored in here for the future of the club. Changes are inevitable to create a better organization, we need to keep learning, learn to adapt and have a bigger heart!


The vision of a leader and the understanding of a follower

I am glad that there are people in the club taking initiative to go the extra mile for the beneficial of the club. I am happy to be under the leadership of a leader – Dato Muslim who has a big heart to teach! I believe in learning, and naturally I totally support people who love to impart knowledge to help others!

A leader’s vision will determine the direction of the team!

A follower’s understanding will determine the maturity of the team!

With vision and understanding, the team will inherit great unity~


The importance of imparting knowledge in the next generation.

As the current generation imparts knowledge to the next generation, we will see the next generation reaps the harvest in the near future! This generation is raised in the digital world, and so many things around us are moving in the tech direction. The next generation will be lost without the guidance and teaching of the current generation.

It is easier said then done, and sadly, this generation is built around selfish ambition and prideful personality due to the exposure of many things at such a young age to understand why things turn out this way! It is not a bad thing for being matured earlier, but the process to maturity and the decision-making outcome is so different today compared to the times of our parents and beyond.

One of the best ways to learn about life is to observe the life of our parents, our relatives, our mentors and peers. Of course, look up to the people who possess good personalities and learn about their success. Remember to keep the people who teach close to you, because their good qualities are contagious! 🙂

Looking forward to learn more and exceed myself with Rotary Club of Pudu!

ShuYi (xoxo)

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