Tadika Anak Seri Cahaya Graduation Concert 2015 @ Kajang

31.10.2015 – It was a tiring day, however I am grateful that I was invited to be the emcee for Tadika Anak Seri Cahaya (TASC) Graduation Concert 2015!

It was amazing to witness the performances and talents showcased among the children. They performed like there were no tomorrow! As their tiny bodies dance to the music, we could sense the enjoyment and joyful the children were. Children are gifts from God to earthly parents, and children are blessings to the people around them, as they bring hope and joy to people. As the emcee, I see this opportunity to train my skills in public speaking and increase my confidence level to speak in large crowds too.


It has been a journey for the tadika, as they have been operating since 2006 till 2015, and many more years to come… They have dedicated teachers and staff to teach and nurture the children. It was an achievement for both the children and the teachers too, as the children achieved their prizes and be the best! As for the teachers, you can already see the satisfaction on their faces seeing their student achieve success! I was glad to be able to witness the awards ceremony and also the graduation concert!

The graduation concert is an event never to be missed (there is a different theme every year)!

The event ended with a blast, as the committee pops the party popper and the place was filled with glitters~ Till we meet again next year!

Shu Yi xoxo

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