ShuYi’s CreativeSpace

Good news! ShuYi’s Creative Space is now up and published on Facebook~ Remember to like the page to know more about future beauty and health trends along with events related services.

ShuYi’s CreativeSpace is a personal Facebook page created to connect with people and to promote creativity, share what is interesting, trending and good.

I love events. Events have always been part of me since primary school days. I was involved with story-telling, plays, out-going activities, charity events, seminars, conventions, dinners and camps. I am sure friends who know me knows it too! 🙂

I love pretty and colorful things. From arts, fashion, make-up, skin care to creative arts.

I love people. Many times people are complicated, but when we see the best in them, awesome things can be created with a room of creative and passionate people!

Creativity is unlimited and it is free!

Let’s get together and create something interesting. Let’s have fun!

Interested to join the CreativeSpace team? We have a business opportunity through social media for you! The best part is we are looking for passionate people and those who are craving to have a better future!

Step 1: Follow us on ShuYi’s CreativeSpace Facebook Page.

Step 2: Go to Sign Up.

Step 3: Our team will contact you!

Best regards,

Shu Yi (xoxo)

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