My 100 Goals in Life

We usually see setting goals like writing new year’s resolution. Many people welcomed the year with hope, joy and excitement, where new year’s resolution were written down and often kept as secret. As the first few days of January gone by, and so did our new year’s resolution pile up year by year, and before we know it, we stop writing new year’s resolutions~ Take a minute, and think about it…

Where did our excitement go? What demotivated us? Could it be the external environment that made us gave up on our goals and dreams? Was it because someone laughed at your unreachable dream? Is it our own self giving excuses and stopping ourselves to change? There are many many factors, but in the end, it is YOU that matters! It is your holistic (physical, emotional and spiritual) self identity and your willingness to learn which will allow your breakthrough. There are no goals or dreams which are ridiculous as long as it is not harmful to anyone, so don’t let anyone take that part of you away! We have our thoughts and creativity, and that makes you unique~

Why is setting goals important?

It reminds us to be FOCUS and keeps us on track in life!

I have asked a few peers and seniors the following questions:

  • How’s work? – It is either they enjoy and look forward to work every morning OR most of the time… conversations lead to traffic, economy, company politics and…..
  • Do you see yourself working in that company for a long time? – Most of the time, they would change job after receiving bonus next year… Oopsss…. (sorry guys~ no names mentioned here… promise)
  • What is your next plan? – Some would say specific tasks they want to achieve, however, there are many who do not know what to do but as long as there is a job, be busy, travel once in while and see where life takes them.

As I began to reflect, I often wonder what made us stop dreaming or setting goals when we grow older. Although I admit I am not thattttt old, I came to realize that I have stopped dreaming for a period of time, as I was caught up in the rat race of world success. I wish I could stop time, and one day I asked myself what do I want to achieve in life?

Many times, we are afraid of setting datelines, because we are afraid of not achieving them. Let’s look at another perspective, rather than taking fear which stops us from advancing, let’s take this fear to motivate us to be better and make sure we achieve what we desired! We need that push sometimes! Go to the gym, go read a book, go visit a friend~ Make sure we keep moving forward with purpose!

My 100 Goals in Life

  1. Be more bold & firm
  2. Help more people in transforming lives
  3. Spend more time with my family
  4. Travel the world by 40 years old
  5. Eat Kobe beef in Japan
  6. Visit Hokkaido, Japan
  7. Go to onsen in Japan
  8. See Sakura in Japan
  9. Visit Switzerland
  10. Visit Norway/ Iceland to see Northern lights
  11. Stay in an igloo
  12. Visit Maldives
  13. Visit Sri Lanka
  14. Travel to Bandung with family
  15. Visit Boracay, Philippines
  16. Visit Bora-bora
  17. Visit Goa
  18. Visit Las Vegas
  19. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef
  20. Bring my parents on an all-expenses paid trip holiday
  21. Travel for a month (with my other half)
  22. Organize a family trip in Phuket for a week
  23. To pet a tiger
  24. Own a F&B outlet as side business
  25. Achieve Ruby in 2 months time (by Aug 2015)
  26. Achieve Blue Diamond by 2017 (asap)
  27. Share the product/ business to more Malay friends
  28. Share Nu Skin to 5-10 persons in a week
  29. Present Nu Skin slides (presentation) 10 times a week
  30. Create product file of Nu Skin
  31. Attend all my Nu Skin team’s events
  32. Be a core leader
  33. Be an amazing Galvanic Spa distributor
  34. Sell 5 galvanic spa per week
  35. Own a black color galvanic spa
  36. Build my business around the world
  37. Own S3 anti-oxidant scanner
  38. Read a book daily for 15 – 30 minutes
  39. Build Kajang beauty market
  40. Build Sg Long beauty market
  41. Build Mahkota Cheras beauty market
  42. Raise up/ guide – Jae Han
  43. Raise up/ guide – Hui Ling
  44. Raise up/ guide – Samuel Ooi
  45. Raise up/ guide – Felicia
  46. Raise up/ guide – Chee Onn
  47. Raise up/ guide – Cheryl
  48. Raise up/ guide – Amelyn
  49. Own a Mac laptop
  50. Own the latest Apple phone (in the market)
  51. Have a puppy (to adopt)
  52. Have a sugar glider
  53. Own a sports car – Red Maserati
  54. Own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s
  55. Own a Rolex
  56. Own my own penthouse
  57. Get married by the age of 28 years old
  58. Be humble and considerate
  59. Wake up at 7am daily (without fail)
  60. Sleep by 12am
  61. Set up a blog – on travel
  62. Set up a blog – on Beauty/ Health
  63. Set up a blog – on events
  64. Set up a blog – on F&B
  65. Own a Prada bag
  66. Own a Burberry bag/ purse
  67. Own a Tiffany Co. necklace
  68. Go skydiving
  69. Do bungee jumping
  70. Travel on a caravan
  71. Do para-sailing
  72. Go on a cruise holiday
  73. Exercise 3 – 4 times a week (for min 30 mins)
  74. Provide allowance to mum and dad (monthly)
  75. Have youthful complexion
  76. Be in between 50kg – 55kg (most importantly toned)
  77. Be a millionaire by 30 years old
  78. Help my team (duplicate) in building their business
  79. Be part of Force for Good Foundation
  80. Travel to space
  81. Own an island
  82. Be in a movie
  83. Ride on a jet
  84. Further my piano skills
  85. Learn violin
  86. Go to Tomorrowland
  87. Swim with dolphins
  88. Attend a huge music festival
  89. Own a vacation house by the beach
  90. Watch korean drama with more time
  91. Have celebration in a limousine
  92. Ride in a hot air balloon
  93. Go on a safari ride – to see Cheetahs
  94. Have 500 followers on my blog
  95. Organsize a F&B event
  96. Spend New Year’s eve in USA
  97. Be successful in my career! – Reach 1 Million Dollar Circle Member
  98. Join Rotary Club
  99. Do mission work in different parts of the world
  100. Have 4 children

I believe with setting goals, this will allow you to dream and ideas will start flowing in~ Once you dream, remember to believe in it! Believing your dream will motivate you to go the extra mile and to achieve greatness in everything you do! The next part is the most crucial step, without it we can never reach our goals, it is called action!

Don’t get me wrong that we must be 100% in control of our life (there are times we are not in control), but we should learn to dance in the rain through the storms in life! Nothing is certain and many life events take place as we go along~ Most importantly to be able to enjoy life and end the race well when we no longer exist in this world…

Let’s start writing down your 100 goals today and I am sure you will be surprised that you are achieving them one by one! So, let’s not stop dreaming and do something awesome when we are alive!

ShuYi (xoxo)

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