The birth of a New Rotarian

P101018419th Oct 2015 – This is the day that my name was added into the history books of Rotary Club. In the left image, standing next to me is Pudu Rotary Club’s President: PP Dato Muslim Ayob who provided me with the Rotary pin during the induction day.

I am now officially a Rotarian of the Pudu Rotary Club. Don’t get the wrong idea that people who are free only join clubs. I am not joining the club to pass my time, but to serve the community. Rotary Club is a platform for people to come together having the same vision – to bring change and transformation the community through events, awareness, charity and projects. I will fully utilize my knowledge in events, in health and beauty, in my work and my influence to strive to be better wherever I go!

This is how I knew about the club~… It was way back during my primary school days, when my mum was an active member of the club. I was exposed to their activities, events, people and I was able to join leadership seminars and participant in performances too.

I have always enjoyed the fellowship with my fellow Rotarians and they all have big hearts. I am very excited and glad to be on this journey with them. However, with a different status this time, no longer as a little girl, but as a young adult with a vision to contribute back to the community.

Club Information:

  • Rotary Club theme 2015-16 – “Be a gift to the world”
  • An organization of community builders that dedicate itself to building better community through fellowship and vocational ideals.
  • Interested to join the club? Kindly email to for enquiries.

With excitement,

Shu Yi

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