Painful Pruning Through Life – Work, Life, Relationship Balance

My grandmother, she was like a mother to me, and even though she died 10 years ago I still miss her terribly. Wild and sweet smelling roses grew around her house. The roses I was planting would be a beautiful and constant reminder of her – a tribute.

But soon after I planted the bushes, I was distraught when they didn’t grow. I thought I had accidentally destroyed them. But, after many weeks, I spotted a blossom, and then another and still another! I was joyful as I watched the roses bloom all summer. Then came the first frost and the frigidity of winter. Then flowers withered and it was time for me to remove them. Before I lopped them off and pruned some of the branches, however, I apologized to them. I was sorry to hurt them and I told them they would thank me later for the pruning. (Yes, I talked to the plants.)

Sometimes, God needs to do some pruning in us. Even though it’s painful and we don’t welcome it, He “prunes the branches that do bear fruit as they will produce even more” (John 15:2). His aim isn’t to hurt us, but to conform us into the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29), for our blessing and growth (Job 5:17).

Maybe you are going through a difficult time. You are struggling and wish the hurt and discomfort would simply go away. You can’t see how the difficulty is benefiting you or anyone else. That’s understandable. Yet, if we are being pruned, we can look to the future with great expectation. God is making sure that we bear even more fruit. He will never waste your pain and suffering. – Marlena Graves, referred from Our Daily Journey


I guess all of us are planting “seeds” and sowing them in the lives of people around us as we journey through life. We will never know when the seeds will grow into a beautiful plant. I believe with the right amount of sunlight and water, people who we take under our wings will be great when we provide them with the right environment and guidance. We will never know who our trainees or colleagues will become someday and who knows, they could be someone great someday. Be the difference and connect!

Don’t limit our imagination, don’t let excuses create a barrier for us to be better in life. Don’t deny ourselves, but be a blessing to others!

Best regards,

Shu Yi (xoxo)

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