BOW BUBBLE @ sS15 || Shu Yi Reviews

2020.01.19 – Here is an interesting outlet which sells mainly healthy fruits teas and egg waffles. A Taiwanese tea brand called BOW BUBBLE, originated from “I Love Bow”.

I know our beloved SS15 is flooded with bubble tea outlets, and I did for a fact mistaken this shop for another bubble tea shop (because of their outlet name), however as I walked passed and saw their huge menu display outside with a variety of fruit tea beverages and they had the grand opening promotion of buy 1 free 1, and so why not~ the first order was a cup of Mango passion tea (RM13) and Original + Oreo egg waffle, after having both, the second order was Milk tea with pearls (RM11) and Cocoa + chocolate chip egg waffle.

As I was looking for an optimal angle and place to take a photo of order, I guessed they must have wondered who am I 🤣 and they were so nice giving me and my partner-in-food-crime, Dave a piece or as how they serve it in a cup of Matcha Egg Waffles (some know this dessert as eggette).

I was lucky to be there during their grand opening last Sunday night and got to meet one of their owners, Chai. He mentioned that this is a brand from Taiwan who owns “I Love Bow”, and here in Malaysia they have started this tea brand for 6 weeks now. He expressed that the company strongly believes in building the brand and is currently looking forward to expand their 2nd outlet, and they are not interested in franchising their brand. He highly recommends their egg waffles as they made from premium grade flour from Japan, and he also recommended their signature Bow Fruit Tea Bow-Bow which is Low in calorie with nutritious ingredients.

My Review:

1. I would recommend their Mango Passion Bow Bow.

2. If you are a fan of egg waffles, their Cocoa + Chocolate chips is good (my fav)! And the Original + Orea was yummy too! (Not over cooked, it’s light, fluffy and with good texture). The Matcha was so-so to me.

3. The place looks bright and nice with a few feature areas for photo-taking.

As I close, hope they continue maintaining their food quality~ Perhaps I will be back and try their signature Bow Fruit Tea Bow-Bow when I’m back on that busy street~

~ Always on a look out for quality food which is worth spending

Xoxo 💋