FIRST AND ONLY outdoor Nagashi Somen – Flowing Japanese Bamboo Noodles here in MALAYSIA || Shu Yi’s Review

Thin noodles flowing down a bamboo chute with water. You will need to focus on your catch… hahaha. I almost miss one, but I got good at it eventually 🤣

It’s comes with a bowl of cold soup where I added condiments like sesame, ginger and spring onions. A lovely cold dish to enjoy during summer~ I will be back… with a group of friends catching our food soon~

So about this place~ Samira is about 12 years old and they serve original Thai Indochinese cuisine. They just launched the FIRST AND ONLY outdoor Nagashi Somen here in MALAYSIA in November 2019, and followed by a soft launch of Tepi Tasik Sunset Bar in Dec 2019.

In summary, Samira has 4 sections:

1. Indoor Inner Peace Dining

2. Garden section

3. Samira Nagashi Somen Hut

4. Tepi Tasik Sunset Bar


PROMO for New Year 2020 ‼️ BUY 1 Somen coupon and enjoy a FREE glass of ‘House Specialties Drink’ at their new Tepi Tasik Bar (after the somen experience) from 7th January to 29th February 2020!

RSVP is highly recommended due to limited seats.


Nagashi Somen @ Samira by Asian Terrace

⏰ 12- 3pm / 5- 10pm on weekdays (Tues off)

⏰ 12- 9pm on weekends


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