Infinity时光 Genting @ Sky Avenue – Exclusive Preview || Shu Yi

Here was my solo trip up to Genting on 17th Dec 2019. 

I was honored to be granted access to Infinity时光 and here is a vlog on how I made my way up there: 

I’ve parked my car at Genting Highlands Premium Outlet, took the cable car up to Sky Avenue. (there are 3 stops in total, the one we board, then a stop at the temple, and the last stop is at Sky Avenue- some were confused as they wish to stop at Sky Avenue, but got down at the temple instead 🤣)

The cable car stops on the 4th floor of Sky Avenue which is the same floor with Infinity时光. As you make your way to Ripley’s Adventureland, you will see The Alley on your right, and walk straight ahead, enter Ripley’s Adventureland and you see Infinity时光. 

Once I’ve arrived, here is the next vlog of the whole place: 

In summary, Infinity时光 is now open to public. They are open from 10am – 10pm daily.

You can check-in and take tons of photos in their 5 innovative themed rooms: LUMINESCENCE (the light room), WISHING CHAMBER (the lantern room), A-MMAZED (mirror maze), TOPSY TURVY (upside-down room), THE ENCHANTMENT (magic mirrors room). 

There are many board games available at the seating area (ask their friendly staff to assist you) and you can challenge yourself with their interesting selections of machines too. If you just want to relax, perhaps you will fall in love with their plushies, and get some for yourself or loved ones 🙂


You can purchase your tickets at the Ripley’s Adventureland ticketing booth (for combo package) located at the entrance or the Infinity时光 ticket booth:

They have shared that there are more exciting new facelift of Infinity coming soon~ so if you have been there already, you might want to visit them again around Chinese New Year 2020 hehehe… (I will definitely be back… very soon)

They are in the midst of setting up a new entertainment place next to them called FORMULA FUN. Coming soon end of January 2020. If you are a fan of “GoKart” and robots, you won’t want to miss this…

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