Week 2 Vlog || Monolid Girl Shu Yi

Weight loss in Malaysia is never easy when our food is sooo gooddd~ I believe those you are living in Malaysia or has visited us will know this pretty well that you could eat 5 times a day (or even 6 times) (>_<)

However~ I believe healthy weight comes from our lifestyle and exercising is an important element in our life! So don’t forget to eat and sweat it out at least 3 times a week! Exercising can be tough at first, but don’t loose hope, because it is possible if we ourselves are willing!!

Giving hope to all those who wants to loose weight!! Find a gym buddy; learn to love green food; sleep 30 minutes earlier than your usual sleep time~ Start somewhere, and your body will thank you for it!!

So, I’ve just started and will continue on this journey…

Places I’ve visited this week:

1. Celebrity Fitness, Kajang (gym) – My gym choice because the equipments are newer (I’m a VIP all club member), so I’ve been to Mid Valley, Bangsar, Nu Sentral and Cheras Sentral branch before which I would rate average.

2. Go Noodle House, The Starling Mall (noodle house)

– Awesommeeee must try the hearty soup noodle and Teo Chew Fish Ball (which has fillings in that bouncy textured fish balls)~ David and my advice, “don’t order their Dry Pan Mee, we think it’s not delicious at all…”

3. Red Kettle, The Starling Mall (Western food/ Bakery)

– I won’t say no to desserts~ I’ve forgotten what the dessert is called, but I guess with the attached vlog, you can identify how that cake looked like (T.T) and yes… I like the dessert

4. Weng Hua Flower Boutique, Petaling Street (Florist and affordable flowers)

– This place is my favorite place to pick flowers at a reasonable price, they also provide wrapping service, need to add on the wrapping service tho. They have a book which you can choose the your desired wrapping design too~

5. Happy Meal bakery, Petaling Street (cream puffs)

– I think their puffs are quite tasty, because of their long history in this business, I guess it won’t go too wrong 😉

6. The Toast Co. Petaling Street (Bread, Toasts and Backpackers place)

– Interesting concept, I think is worth trying at least once! For me, I don’t mind going back to have their food other than their toast. Because I’ve seen tables next to me ordering food, and I think is decent and appetizing.

7. Sushi Mentai, Kajang (Japanese food)

– I think is reasonable, but not the best

8. De Igniters, Kajang (Event space, health and beauty product distributor)

– Good spacious place for training events, and you can get beauty products and supplements from here too! Contact them for simple facial too!

9. Ayza, Kajang (Mamak)

– one of the best mamaks in Kajang

Stay tuned for next week everyone~


Monolid girl- Shu Yi


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