Anne Elizabeth – The Deli Restaurant || Shu Yi’s review

This is a new place to discover if you love to eat pork~ The restaurant has been operating their business for 5 months, since October 2015. The opening was held on the 21st Sept 2015. The owners of the restaurant- Sandra and her husband, Jacob who is the chef started the restaurant with a dream, and so they decided to start small and see how the business grow.

This is a small little Deli cum restaurant, their dishes are influenced by the Modern European towards British cuisine. How the concept came about? Jacob just wants every single customer to have the flexibility of choosing and pairing their own meal rather than a fix set menu. With 19 years of experience in the Culinary industry, he said that if everyone has a choice on what they are eating and pairing it (with any side dishes), it will be  AMAZING.
I will give double thumbs up for this place, as they provide friendly and efficient customer service, the owners will provide a finishing touch by communicating with the customers too. The food is simple and it tasted like home cook food to me.
Yes, I am drawn to this place, and I have visited twice in 1 week. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and family too!
When you are stuck with not knowing which are the food to go for, they can also recommend the type of food you would be satisfied with during and after the meal~
Head down there and create your own set menu with Anne Elizabeth!!!
  • Address: No.1, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
  • Phone: +60 3-9130 0319
  • Facebook page:

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2 thoughts on “Anne Elizabeth – The Deli Restaurant || Shu Yi’s review

  1. Very bad operation strategy, causes me and family wasted our time arrived there waiting with a hungry stomach and yet no one are coming out to serve walk in customers. They just leave a name list without any indication or direction. Suddenly a waiter call a customer name in the list who came after us. Then, only discovered that the list is for first come first serve customers to write their name. Becoz we wrote in our name in the end, we get our seats after 4-5 customers that after us and waited about 1 1/2 hours. We tried the food. The concept is so new n fresh to the town coz its pairing food tat u desired. But the taste, i can recommended tat please go to a more standard Western restaurant and pay for what u deserved. Unless u wanna try a new environment or something new. Its a place that we wont go for second time 🙂


    1. Hi Rach, I am sorry to hear that. Thank you for your feedback will let them know for them to improve their service~ it was fine for me when I went there. I guess they need to know this~ your review is much appreciated!


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