Bread Making Session with David Lo

IMG_6466I am glad to be able to observe a Bread Making Session at home. For the first time watching the process, I would think is rather tedious coupled with lots of patience.

The process requires technique, and some would think is an art to do so. The ingredients are determined and it is a recipe-to-follow. By following step-by-step, the ingredients are combined and turned into tasty bread. I guess what to put in the bread is easier than how to make the bread.

By observing the bread making process, I realized that yeast is very important as it gives “life” to the bread. While the yeast is placed inside a bowl of sugar warm water, the bread maker then prepare the bread mixer to mix the flour, yeast with sugar water and oil.


Once the doIMG_6484ugh is well mixed, the dough is then folded a couple of times and placed in a bowl or pot to let the yeast work it’s magic. After 20 – 30mins have passed and the dough has raised to the desired size, the dough will be folded and portioned out. I think this next step is the hardest part – once portioned, the dough has to be rolled into your desired (smooth and slight sticky) texture dough. And there you go, the dough is ready to be placed into the oven to be baked into bread.

For the second bread making session, we have included TR90 – Chocolate Trimshake into the dough. The trimshake mixed well with the dough. The appearance was coated with very light brown color and the texture was soft and fluffy~ yum yum…

The bread maker controls the final outcome of the bread. As the maker is in control of the ingredients, equipment, environment and temperature, the most tasty bread will be produced.

Life is like making bread, we are the “bread makers” of our life and we are given choices to control the circumstances, to act at the right season (time) and to think of solutions when we face challenges.

In order to make the best bread to comfort others, we need to first go through times of trouble where we will be matured and grow to be a better man in life!

“We may not be able to get certainty, but we can get probability, and half a loaf is better than no bread.” -C.S Lewis

IMG_6503 IMG_6511 IMG_6516 IMG_6517

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