Coley Cocktail Bar @ Bangsar || Shu Yi’s review

This bar is hidden in the streets of Bangsar, when the eyes couldn’t see nor any passerby would notice… I guess this is the uniqueness of this place. And if you are reading this right now, this place is no longer hidden away~

I love the mix of Malaysian kopitiam flavor and alcohol. Although it did not dawn on me that the drink will turn out this good… hehe… I do love the asamboi with alcohol~

If you are looking for this place, head to Dr. Inc Bangsar, and walk straight into the place, you will see the bar at the end of the shop.

For more details, kindly read the following:

BANGSAR, KUALA LUMPUR — The latest cocktail bar to hit KL and also one of the rare additions to Bangsar’s limited cocktail scene has plenty to live up to.

For starters, naming the bar after Ada Coleman, grand­mamie of cocktails and savant of The Savoy— is a well­meaning touch, but ultimately one that also lets in on the aspirations that owner­proprietor Kho Chee Keong has for this bar. CK, as he is more fondly known within the tight­knit circle of pourers and drinkers, is the spirit behind Coley. A youthful veteran in the bar and beverage industry, CK brings fresh ideas backed by years of experience in mixing cocktails. Coley’s menu observes tradition through modern lenses.

Although the classic Hanky­Panky takes top billing at the menu (and rightfully so), other concoctions are built to established measures albeit with a few calculated twists and turns. The iconic Whiskey Sour is vivaciously update in the Saffron Sour, with the use of saffron­infused bourbon. Not only is the intense amber hue a visual spectacle, the calypso of smoky saffron and vanilla bean will have you questioning your loyalty to the original! An homage to tradition also takes form in Coley’s cheekily named ‘Koktel’ menu.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless kopitiam, this alternate menu plumbs the rich depths of traditional ingredients like kedondong, kalamansi, asamboi and fresh nutmeg. Paired with a base spirit and refreshing mixers like home­brewed barley water or fresh coconut water, these cheap and cheery quenchers are the perfect respite from our unforgiving climate. Coley is tucked away at the back of Dr.Inc coffee shop, but resist the urge to dismiss it as “just another speakeasy”.

Its intimate settlement within the famed coffee shop/art studio/creative agency run by polymath Lisette Scheers is a fitting addition to this buzzing hive of imagination. CK and his skilled team of drink­slingers will not cease to impress as they continue to tinker with all manner of infusions, spirits, garnishes, techniques, equipment and philosophies — in the name of a quality drink.

Coley is located at:

8 Jalan Kemuja, 59000 Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Coley operates:

  • Tuesdays ­-Saturdays 5pm ­-1am
  • Sundays 12pm ­-6pm
  • Closed on Mondays

For further enquiries, please contact:

  • CK Kho Owner & Proprietor
  • M +60 19 232 2008
  • E

For bookings, please contact:

  • M +60 19 270 9179
  • E
  • #coleykl
  • Facebook: @LongLiveColey
  • Instagram: @coleylumpur

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