Skytrex Adventure with Powerhouse || Shu Yi’s review

It was on a sunny Sunday morning in June 2016, where we organized a trip to Skytrex, Shah Alam Botanical Garden.

You can check out the rates as below:

  1. The entrance fees to Shah Alam Botanical Garden is RM3
  2. Skytrex: RM70 including gloves
  3. Bicycle rental: RM10 first hour, subsequent hour is RM1

*Some of the activities are free, some has entrance fees.

We went around the garden for photo taking sessions while waiting for our slot at 11:30am for Skytrex. The walk was not too hot, as there were trees shadowing over us. There was a shop which caught our attention, as it sold drinks, ice creams and food. And so, the youths swarm over the shop to quench their thirst.

As it was about time to head to Skytrex, we went to a small roundabout area to wait for the shutter bus (a yellow and green bus). I would say it was a 10mins ride to Skytrex, so if you do consider to walk, I think with a minimum of 30mins allocated time before your slot, you can enjoy the cool breeze walk to Skytrex. You won’t get lost, as there are many bikers taking that route and you can definitely ask for directions if need to.

Once we arrived Skytrex, we head to the hut for “check-in”. We need to ensure our indemnity forms were completed and our bags were all kept in the locker. The instructor advised us not to bring any belongings during the activity. We were excited and thrilled, they called our names to get our safety gears, after we “suit up” we head for activity briefing before the real thing!

We started off the course by climbing a tall pole ladder, and off we fly (on the flying fox) into the trees. Well, we are not going to spill too much beans here… Do go to the official Skytrex website and try out yourself!

There are some exits points throughout the course if you “chicken out”. After the 3 hours journey, we came out as overcomers, we are glad that no one quit halfway through the course, and we enjoyed every moment of it! I am sure all of us learnt something that day, learnt to make decisions while we set foot on the course, encouraging our fellow friends and to trust the safety gear to get us to the other side.

One word to describe – AMAZING!!

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