The Covert Collective || Shu Yi’s review

The Covert Collective is a t-shirt designed by the talented Malaysian- Hannah from Sabah. The idea was brought to reality by the awesome duo- Hannah and Sam who started in December 2015. The designs are hand-drawn and printed manually on each t-shirt~ Upon delivery, the t-shirt comes with a cotton pouch with their cute sticker.

Their designs are mainly white t-shirt with black creative art, they also have interesting designs for phone covers, special edition henna dye t-shirts and Chinese New Year 2016 design.

Loving their designs? The good news is that they ship worldwide and more designs are coming up very very soon! Do not forget to follow them on their social media for more information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook page:

Check out the video on my channel and SUBSCRIBE to my channel too~ You are able to see some of the designs and the founder- Hannah is in the video too, enjoy:

Thanks everyone~

Shu Yi (xoxo)

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