Christmas Eve Lunch with the Lo’s

24.12.2015 – The preparation started the day before, as the clock was ticking, it was already 02:00 in the morning; the turkey was brined, shepherd’s pie sauce was minced, potatoes were mashed and bread was baked. All these were made to welcome Christmas Eve~

At 11:00 am, the final dish was being prepared – the roasted pink potatoes. The potatoes were cut, some oil and herbs were sprinkled on it, and it was placed in the oven. Everyone helped to clear the dining table and laid the table with cutleries and plates. Finally, all the home cook food was laid on the table:

Pictures say a thousand words… The meal was not completed without a lovely glass of wine 🙂 Home cook food is indeed healthier, tastier and it can bring family members close to one another. I personally think that no food out there could beat home cook food which is prepared with much love for the family~ And of course, the fellowship, laughter and a cosy environment makes the lunch even special~

Home cook food rocks!!! Always the best meal ever~

Shu Yi (xoxo)

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