Nu Skin 2016 Kick-Off Meeting || Shu Yi

11.12.2015 – I was thrilled to be invited to attend the Malaysia Nu Skin 2016 Kick-off meeting, this was my first time, and I could already sense the excitement in receiving 2016. It has always been exciting as the company always provide support and producing awesome products to help distributors to hype up their business!

I am writing this to share with those who are unable to attend this meeting, to provide a glimpse of what we will expect for 2016.

We usually hear football kick-offs, and so I wonder what is this meeting all about. The meeting started with the Nu Skin’s No.1 unity dance, and followed by the 2015 report of the sales and growth of the company. Even though our country is facing an Economic down turn due to the exchange rate, the company grew in sales revenue and has an increasing number of new distributors joining the business in the second half of the year 2015 due to the limited time offer product called You-Span (a supplement). Clap clap clap… this is for all the Malaysian leaders and distributors for achieving it together!

We are heading into the start of a new year and it is also Nu Skin’s 15th Anniversary next year! I couldn’t be happier to be where I am today, at such a time as this~ In conjunction with the 15th Anniversary in 2016, many exciting events and promotions are lined-up to impact the beauty and anti-aging industry in Malaysia~ Let’s be prepared!

Not to forget to mark your calendar for Singapore Convention 2016 from 20th – 22nd July, as Nu Skin has invited the popular and inspirational speaker – John Maxwell. I always admire his leadership teaching from his books, and I am very impressed that the company is able to invite this amazing person as a speaker! And it was mind blowing that I almost screamed when it was announced, I can’t believe having the chance to meet him next year!

On top of that, I am truly proud of Nu Skin for achieving success this year in receiving the following awards:

  1. 2015 Superbrands Malaysia’s Choice
  2. The Brand Laureate – Special Edition World Award 2015 Brand Excellence in Wellness Anti-aging Solutions

The company has officially announced Star Academy Trip – Macau 2016 and Star Creator Trip – Dubai 2017 too. In addition, it was a privileged to dress-up and took pictures at the Star Creator photo booth- as if we are in Dubai! My dream~ is to travel and enjoy Dubai on a 5-star all-expenses paid trip 🙂

Timing is the key! And for the business, it depends on how anyone look at it~ if you think it is hard, it will be; and if you see challenges as growth, you will grow! The business is all the same, what makes the business different is YOU!

You can run faster when you are alone; but you will run further when you are in a team! – Remember, you are not alone!

Let’s look forward to tomorrow and in few days to come, let’s fight for a better future in 2016.

Shu Yi (xoxo)

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