Rotary International President Banquet Dinner

07.12.2015 – The evening started off with the photo session at 6:00 pm with the RI President, from Rotary Club of Pudu, the following were the represented Rotarians during the photo session: PDG Paul Lee, PP Mohan Raj, President Dato Muslim, VP Jeff, Rtn Iswaran, PE Sandy, Rtn Elaine, PP Mike, Rtn Laura, Rtn Sam, Rtn Heng, Rtn Tenny, Rtn Shu Yi. Well, I must say that the photo session was well organized by the photographer and coordinator, as there were many Rotary Clubs waiting in-line for a group picture with the RI President himself! The photo session was completed in approximately less than 5mins for each club!
The banquet dinner was held at Nexus Bangsar’s ballroom. As we were waiting for the ballroom doors to be opened, we were welcomed by the music at the foyer and cocktail reception. At that time, PP KH, PP Gary, Rtn Sannice, Rtn Lawrence and Rtn Angela joined us for the banquet event.
IMG_8788 IMG_8793 IMG_8799 IMG_8801 IMG_8809 IMG_8833 IMG_8838 IMG_8840 IMG_8847

Once the doors were opened and we took our respective seats, the banquet dinner started with the national anthem of Sri Lanka and Malaysia; followed by the speech of PDG Paul Lee and President K.R. Ravindran before dinner was served. A speech was also given by DG Siti Subaidah and the dinner was accompanied by cultural performances and it was a great time of fellowship among the Rotarians of the club and other clubs.

The food was nice and I love the LED lights on the ceiling of the ballroom~
It was indeed an awesome night to remember!

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