DABOBA (熊黑堂) is finally here in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore on 4th Oct 2019 – Soft Launch || Review


7th Oct 2019 – Hello Singapore, 熊来了 (here comes the bear)!~

DABOBA (熊黑堂) is finally here in Singapore! The Taiwan Bubble Tea franchise brand beverage shop “DABOBA”, opened their first outlet officially in Ang Mo Kio on 4th October 2019.


As the opening team was preparing for business that day, the bustling shop managed to catch the eyes of passerby every time. As the time came, the opening team greeted, “Welcome DABOBA~” and welcomed the first batch of orders. The outlet sold their first batch of Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk bubble tea to a group of young adults. They heard about the soft opening and waited for approximately 10mins in front of the outlet. I could hear them discussing which drinks to order while waiting patiently for the shop to officially open. After they placed their orders, an order number was handed to them, they were curious and stood on the side watching their bubble teas freshly made in front of them. When their number was called, the staff handed them their drinks, the boba lovers were taught on how to take their first sip (I know~ there is a way to drink this? Hehe). The Top1- Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk comes with a thick rich foam coated with torched brown sugar on top.


How to drink it? Just easily flip open the half lid, take your first sip of the rich foam, and you decide… to continue drinking that way, or drinking it a little longer combining the foam with some of the milk, or stirring to mix the drink together with the straw. Not to mention, they pay a very close attention to their pearls, making sure they have a nice springy texture which is nice to chew, not hard nor too mushy.


There were customers from all ages visited the outlet that day, as young as 7 years old to 70 years of age. With the soft opening promo of buying one cup Top 1 and getting the 2nd drink at 50% off, many ordered Top 3 – Mango Frappe Yoghurt as the 2nd drink. Top 3 received great response, followed by Top 2 – Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea. I have seen some customers enjoyed the rich foam so much that they just kept drinking from the lid and not from the straw~  On top of that, I was very amazed when there was a lady who came with a list in her hand and made a huge order of 9 cups signature drinks.

The outlet was overwhelmed with customers especially during lunch time and after working hours. Overall, there were many positive feedbacks on the drinks and many wish to visit the outlet for more! Daboba Singapore’s wish is serve every one in Singapore, if you are in Singapore, do not miss this place and try the drinks yourself! 🙂

Here are their signature drinks:

  • Top 1 – Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk (SGD 5.60)
  • Top 2 – Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea (SGD 4.30)
  • Top 3 – Mango Frappe Yogurt (SGD 5.60)


(*Image from Daboba Malaysia)

Here are some details of the first Daboba outlet in Singapore:

  • Address: Blk 727 #01-4252 AMK Ave 6, Singapore
  • Operation hours: Daily, 10am – 9pm
  • Official SG Instagram account:  DabobaSingapore
  • Official SG 1st outlet, Instagram account: Daboba_amk_sg

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